Bubble Tea

Bubble Tea (also known as pearl tea, bubble tea or Boba Tea) was invented in Taiwan in the 1980s. Increasingly popular in Quebec in recent years, it can be enjoyed in a growing number of cafés and restaurants, much to the delight of fans of this sweet and fragrant drink.

Popping boba or tapioca pearls?

In Asia, Bubble Tea is a tea-based drink (cold or hot), to which tapioca pearls and milk, often flavoured, are added. At BubbleManiac, we have a soft spot for popping boba, inspired by molecular gastronomy, which are a marvellous substitute for tapioca. But we've got everything you need to make a classic Bubble Tea (check out the  Tapioca & Tea in our online shop), including a selection of  tasty flavourd powders.​

How are Bubble Tea bubbles made?

The popping boba that BubbleManiacs love are little pearls that are made from real fruits and agar-agar (plant gelatin). They contain no bovine protein or gluten. And best of all, our popping boba are made in Quebec and have an unrivalled flavour.

Qubec popping bubbles

A matter of straw

Whether you choose traditional tapioca or tasty popping boba to make your Bubble Tea, you'll need an oversized straw to enjoy this fragrant drink. You'll find everything you need in our  Bubble Tea accessories section.

How to make a homemade Bubble Tea?

Making your own homemade Bubble Tea is now possible, not to mention pleasantly easy! To make it, all you need is our starter kit. Then it's all a matter of imagination. The combinations between flavoured powders, popping boba (or tapioca) and jellys are endless! Check out our recommendations for preparing tapioca or tea, as required.

Welcome to the wonderful world of BubbleManiac!