Quebec popping boba

Never before seen in North America

Boba for Bubble Tea produced in Quebec (and from real fruits too)!

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BubbleManiac is more than proud to distribute the very first popping boba made on the American continent. ​Better tasting, more natural and more accessible than Asian popping boba, Quebec popping boba are sensational in every way.

Unrivalled quality and flavour

Quebec's little pearls, made with real fruit puree or juice, offer unrivalled quality and flavour on the market.

To deliver this unbeatable taste experience, a considerable amount of time has been invested in research and development. Numerous trials, spread over several months, have produced a result that will not leave your taste buds indifferent.

A green bubble! 

The environmental aspect also plays an important role in the production process of these new Quebec bubbles. Waste from the production line is recovered by an ecocentre. Everything that goes into the packaging (boxes, containers, labels, etc.) also comes from Quebec. 

Of course, since shipping containers from Asia is no longer necessary, the ecological footprint is even smaller!

Infinite possibilities

The Quebec popping boba can now dream big. Mainly used to make pearl tea (bubble tea), popping boba can also be enjoyed in all types of beverages, on ice cream, in yoghurt or on pancakes. The possibilities are endless, and it's up to you to explore them.

Quebec popping boba

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